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Hi guys,

I recently bought my first car (1993 Audi 80 B4 2.3L 5 cylinder auto), which I love but have had a few problems with (I am a bit of a newbie with cars, please forgive me). After we replaced the battery (which was draining while parked and the new battery is draining too) my mechanic has told me that I need to replace the alternator. We found this one on ebay which seems to be exactly what I need, given that the specifications match the car. I sent them some pictures of my current alternator, at which point they replied:

"Sorry but we do not stock the alternator you require. We are not sure if you will get an aftermarket version of this unit in Australia, you may have to try a wrecker or get an aftermarket version out of the UK."

Now I'm wondering if this alternator that was in the car is the wrong model (I know the car was serviced before I bought it so perhaps the original alternator had been replaced), and if so is there any reason the one I found on ebay wouldn't work?

I've attached the pictures of the alternator we pulled out, which I'm having trouble finding a replacement for. So if anyone can give me some audi alternator advice, that would be smashing. Thanks!


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