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Hi peeps,

Just got my first Audi,

A4 (2001) 1.9 TDI (130) SE Denim Blue

Full black leather interior,air con, climate control.....

I've been told that it can be re-mapped up to 170 bhp which i might do but would like to know of you guys if its advisable.

The extra power would be nice, its quick already if you got one yourself you will probably agree, but the extra power does sound tempting.

Also im looking for some new wheels, i want to get either some rs4 wheels but ive also seen some s8 or rs8 multispokes that flare towards the rim which look nice aswell so im unsure at the mo. any pics that anyone has would be appreciated so i can compare each different style.

I want to colour code the bottom of the bumpers and doors and get an rs4 spoiler and i recon that will do. dont want it to look tat, just smarter than the average a4.

Any tips comments or otherwise would be greatly apreciated as im new to this i need all the advise i can get!!!!

Thanks in advance.

Chris, proud owner and enthusiast!! :) :) :)
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