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Airbag warning light!!

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I recently had my airbag warning light come on in the instrument cluster. Any ideas? I am thinking I F'd up something under the pass. seat as I had some coke cans under there and tried to move the seat forward and it jammed up. I wiggled the connectors under both seats to make sure they were on but the light is still on. I know I can reset this with a VAG-com but I don't have one yet. I do have a handheld scanner but I guess it won't do this? My handheld doesn't give me any codes for airbag. Does anyone know a link I can download the VAG-COM?
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From what I have read about this, as I have been researching the same issue. It looks like this light can come on from a bad connector, to the whole control module. Mine started by coming on in cold weather and then going off when the car heated up, to the point it would not go off and stays on all the time now. I'm going to go after the connectors under the seat, which seems to be the main fault and some have actually suggested using a wire tie to keep the connector from seperating. Seems that may be your problem, based on what you said. You may have even damaged yours.
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