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I have the infamous Airbag fault line on my dash, I purchased a Cheap usb obdii cable and ran rosstech vag com, unregistered latest version, it says there is an error in the control units memmory. I'm not sure if this means it has stored a fault in the memmory or if the memmory it's self is faulty????

Ross tech suggest the problem could be water in the control unit or a bad connection or cable or lastly that it could be the acceleration sensor mounted near the steering collumn.

So any body got any ideas? I might just clean the connections to start with but I can't find the control unit!

Also I read a while back that there was a problem with ross techs vag com software and that it could corrupt some airbag controllers? I didn't pay it much attention at the time but now it's in the back of my mined.
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