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So my 98 A6 sedan trunk latch has started to do it's own thing :( and I've done some Googling and found that I'm not alone.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed it wouldn't lock with the remote (though it still made the right whirrs and noises), even though the rest of the car would lock and the alarm would arm. I've had to use the key shaft in the lock itself to get it to lock.

Now it won't unlock with the remote either, even though the rest of the car unlocks and the alarm disarms. The only way to unlock the trunk now is to again use the key in the lock and unlock it manually. This is even though it still sounds like it is unlocking with the remote.

Having read through a lot of threads, I know that my problem is not the cold weather related issue, nor is it the problem with the latch not engaging.

Problems similar to mine often seem be attributed to either a faulty lock actuator, a faulty micro switch, or a faulty power lock actuator (refer attached pic).

I want to order a replacement part, so from what I've described, can anyone who's suffered the same issue help me to diagnose which of those parts I need to replace, or if it's another item altogether causing my issue?

Cheers heaps.


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