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In reading many posts and other websites it looks like my 22k 2001 S4 Avant needs a little help.

What diverter valves should I get – I am leaning to the Bosch TT up-rated version (I do know they will fail sometime.) It seems that while the aftermarket versions are lifetime use, if any debris gets in the valve( or grease missing), major problems can crop up. (

Throttle Body Boot, I only want the absolute best out there – (AMS?) need the final answer from the group.

Plugs, Neuspeed recommends the Denso IK20 or IK22 – Thoughts for a chipped or OEM setup?

Gourndwire upgrade? Needed? Waste of time/$?

Airfilter, K&N installed – don’t think I need an intake kit. Would like to keep this as is.

Exhaust – gonna have to keep it stock, sorry(!)

Fuel? Recommeded R+M/2 rating – is 89 enough?

Lubricants/oil filters? I have a lot of dyno testing that really favored Mobil 1 synthetics. I also have a friend at Motul and ester synthetics are great too ($$$$)

Thoughts to keep engine heat off the turbo oil lines? I have full access to a machine shop and sheet metal facility.

Flash reprogram/Engine Management System – Here is where it gets tricky:
I am looking for something that retains all OEM functions (i.e. cruise control) and that I can flip back and forth between maps. I need something for the wifey to cruise with, and then the extra oomph for me when stomping out unsuspecting sports cars. Do I need to do the Tip reprogram too?

Anything ELSE???
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