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wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram for a new audi 2005 a4 with the bose premium sound package. still cant even get clarification on if its a 9 or 10 speaker system. from looking at the dealer I see a rear deck mounted speaker and also a 6x9 trunk mounted speaker which leads me to beleive its 10. anyway, I want to add just my sub and amp - need to know what to tap - and what speaker if any is full range. my line output converter has 4 leads - pos/neg left and right adn I prefer doing left and right but being mono I guess i could use the same one lead if there arent left and right speaker leads that are easily accessible. I dont think i want to get into the doors to tap wires - just a pain - id rather use something from the rear of the car.

anyone know what speakers the 2 are in the rear, and what wires are what?

any help would be appreciated.

also, is the 12v in the rear always on - or is that a good place for hit up for amp turn - on!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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