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Acceleration Problem

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Have a problem with my 1.8T 99 A3.

Recently when under acceleration the revs shoot away up but the car doesn't accelerate then it'll just take off. It mite then be fine for a while then it'll do it again

It appears to be mainly happening first thing in the morning or late at nite when the car has been sitting for a good few hours.

It only started there a few days ago.

Any ideas?

Just thought i'd ask on here before i head to the garage.

Thanx in advance
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is it a slipping clutch and does it do it under boost
It does it in 2nd to 5th gear now most of the time under hard acceleration. Doesn't seem to happen as much if you accelerate slowly.

As for doin it under boost how would i know?
yeah sounds like your clutch and boost is when tou get a increased rush of power as the turbo winds up to optimal work
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