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AC Troubleshooting

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My AC stopped functioning on my 2013 A4Q 6MT. The AC button lights up, but only hot air blows through the vents. The compressor is not cycling. I tried adding R134 but the pressure in the low-side port is off the gauge high and it won't accept any refrigerant from the can. I checked for DCTs using VCDS but there are no faults for the HVAC. I ran each of the HVAC tests individually, and they all passed.

I took a peak at some of the VCDS HVAC readings, this is what I get:
  • AC Regulating valve (N280): 0.650 A
  • Refrigerant Pressure (G395): 8.4 bar
  • Evaporator temp actual (G263): 31.0 C
  • Ambient / Outside Temp (G17): 30.0 C
  • Temp Sensor (G65) Dash Panel (J255): 31.0 C
  • Compress. Torque Signal status: 0.0
  • Compressor Torque: 7.0 Nm
Are these normal readings?

What else could be causing this, are there any tests or diagnostics I can do to troubleshoot this further?

I appreciate any insights or suggestions. Thanks.
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