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Hi there,

Recently my ABS light came on and was told by my garage after he had plugged it into the VAG box that the abs pump needed replacing as the code said something like “outside the allowed value” or something like that. He then told me it would be £1100 including fitting!! Being a student, thus not wanting to fork out over a grand I did a bit of research, but did not find much, so this is the reason for this post, to hopefully save people a hell of a lot of money.

I found a company called BBA-REMAN.COM that told me that 9/10 times the ABS unit does not fail; in fact it is the ECU of the ABS. BBA-REMAN.COM reconditioned my ECU unit including P&P for £200 and I got it fitted for £20 a DIFFERENT local garage. I am pleased to tell you it’s all sorted, and also saved me a lot of money in the process.

I hope this helps someone, as I searched for days to see if anyone had found a cheaper solution to this problem.

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