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Hey all, I'm new here. I bought my 2001 225 TT quattro in October 2020 and I've had the ABS and ESC lights on since day one. I've scanned with an OBD2 scanner multiple times when I get the occasional check engine light, but I've never seen anything about either of the lights. This is my first euro car so I'm not quite sure what I should do.

If it helps, here are some symptoms I'm experiencing.
- Brake pedal is very squishy, like I need to bleed the brakes but the guy I bought the car from mentioned bleeding the ABS module so I'm not sure.

- All I can really tell you is that the light is on and the rear wheels won't get any power whatsoever, even in slick snow and ice. I've even taken the rear wheels off and made sure there are indeed axels back there lol.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
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