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About To Join The Family

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Hello All,

I'm new here and a longtime Audi/VW fan who strayed from the pack for a few years. My first (and only) new car was an '87 GLi, and I've had nearly half a dozen 60s and 70s Beetles. There was also a Rabbit in there at some point, but I'm not proud of that.

Right now, I'm looking for a warm-fuzzy feeling about buying a loaded '99.5 1.8T in a few days. I found one with 98k miles for $7000, and it's had the clutch and timing belt done in the last 20k mi, clean Carfax report, non-smoker owned. The seller has had all maintenance done at an Audi dealership and is probably sick of pouring cash into it. Asking price was $9,900 but my offer of $7000 was accepted immediately. I assume because nobody else bothered calling.

I think it's a good price, but I'm concerned about the quality/reliabilty issues that have plagued Audi in recent years. I'd also like to throw a chip in it, but I don't know if it would have an adverse effect on a 98k mile engine.

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i just purchased mine not to long ago for 7500 with 97400 with all fac maintenence and that was a steal from a buddy of mine so for 7000 i would def. reccomend taking it. i think its a great choice
Well, I did it! Consider me officially one of you now.

My wife and I drove to CT Saturday with a cashier's check in hand. The car is in like-new condition, and the seller gave us copies of the repair/maintenance receipts for the past 3 yrs ($4,500 worth). So here's hoping nothing else will break for while...

I'm looking forward to interacting with people on this board, and I'm glad there are so many Audi enthusiasts with which to exchange ideas (or comiserate, potentially).
Congrats on the Audi acquisition.
Enjoy the ride.
I'd be careful about changing the chip given the age of the engine. Talk with a good Audi mechanic (mine races them and is pretty knowledgable) beforehand.
hmm... maybe a CARB-approved 0.8 BAR version would be a good compromise?
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