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about cd changer!

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I have an A2 with a chorus radio which is a cd changer controller.
Will I find a plug in the boot somewhere to plug the cd changer into or
do I need to run a lead through the car and into the back of the
headunit ?
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yes would like to know this also!

In the boot under the floor cover there seems to be a CD changer size compartment but what sort of changer goes in it I dont know???
Vinn, if it's not already installed, the cable won;t be there in all probablility.

The space you refer to under the boot battery cover is for either a cd navigation unit (on models without the double DIN dash mounted navi unit) or a tv tuner. The cd changer requires a new right hand boot liner, with the cage built in to it.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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