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I have the 80 1.9 TDI with the AAZ engine code. I know this is different to the 1Z engine in many respects, but can anyone give me the definitive answer on which was the more powerful please? I was led to believe that the AAZ had 90HP and the 1Z 75HP, but when looking for parts, several parts shops had it the other way round.
I'm guessing that the AAZ only has 75HP by the feel of it, but that leads me onto my next question:
About 1800RPM up to about 3500RPM there is a very audible whistle in the cabin, which rises in direct relation to the RPM. I'm almost certain that this is turbo related, however, is it normal? The noise is louder in the cabin and from the rear of the car, than in the engine bay. I've had the hoses off to check the turbo, it spins freely, and there's no play in the bearings. There are no leaks in the hoses that I can find (which I thought might be causing the whistle).
The final thing is the fuel economy (which is another reason for thinking I've got the 75hp version). I'm returning on average about 35mpg which is not what I was aiming for! I am running on biodiesel, however this didn't seem to have any adverse effects on my VW Passat. What are people with the same engine getting?

Thanks for reading this mini essay, and any advice gratefully received,
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