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I have an issue with my 1999 A8-quatro that may be common to some of you A8 owners. 3-4 weeks back the "check engine light" came on, and stayed on. I dropped the car with my local mechanic to determine what the problem might be, and was informed that there was a string of codes.. speed sensor malfunction, brake light switch malfunction, transmission fluid temp sensor, and loss of power transfer from the torque converter clutch. (all of this with no noticable driving symptoms..)
My mechanic is a personal friend, whose intentions I trust, but he has to rely on Audi experts in some cases when the going gets tough. He was advised to work down the path of replacing the speed sensor, brake light switch, transmission ribbon cable & solenoid, etc. I'm now $1500 into the repair process and my check engine light is still on. The remaining code that comes up is the torque converter clutch problem. Audi tells me this is a $4-5K fix. My friend says there's one more diagnostic they can check to determine if the torque converter is truly failing to lock up, or if there's a valve failure of some sort in the converter. If the latter, he says the fix is not nearly as expensive as Audi says. I guess this is the extent of my understanding of the problem. Obviously, I'm not anxious to put another $4K+ into the car, although I'm of the opinion that as long as it's maintained properly, it should run forever.
Thoughts? comments?
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