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Originally posted by Baird@Aug 5 2004, 06:45 AM
Can someone please tell me the main differeces between an A6 Quattro
4.2 and an S6 ??
is it just the trim inside ???
hi you are my first time. The differeces between these graet cars is 40 bhp, THE A6 4.2 = 300 BHP, the S6 4.2 = 340 and the handling is also better on s6 its a little lower and thicker anti roll bar all help when you use your right boot. The s6 is better then a6 but its not the best, the s6 has a big brother called rs6 = 450 bhp this car is a fire breathing monster and will break the heat of most super car drivers and the super cars that it will not beat it will leave to its bigger brother the rs6+ = 480 bhp only 999 of rs6+ will be made so if you are luck bye one now, hope this helps.
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