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Just joined these forums.. Have been after an A6 for a very long time now, and have finally (well just about to ) got my mitts on one..

Just a couple of questions,

Firstly, i'd like to ask if you believe i'm getting a good deal ( i believe so, from what i can tell, but i'm sure you lot have a much better idea than i do...)

Audi A6, 2.5 TDi, Auto (CVT ???) SE. it has satnav / tv, etc etc..
It's an 2004 04 plate, but it has 100k miles on the clock. (clearly a lot...) £9,700.

So, thats the first question


from what i can tell, the cam belt is a 60 - 90k job, so this should already have been done (i'm going to get it checked out..), does that fact that it's done 100k miles, take away the remainder of the warranty ? (all services done by audi..)

guess, i'm just a bit weary.... i'm pretty damn sure 9,7 is a good price for this car,,, just never bought a car privately before (well, not since a Y reg astra at 19).

Thanks in advance for the replies..
, hope to be chatting on here more !
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