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From a post last year it looks like here are the part numbers and information about the Symphony unit that is in my 2002 A6. I'm looking to add the navigation to it and am wondering all the usuall questions: where can I find a remote-mount unit that is compatible that won't cost me an arm and a leg?, if I do find one how easy is it to install?, will it be worth the money to buy a unit that only works in this car or will a portable unit be better?, i've been searching the web but there isn't much of a market (that I can find) for remote-mount units except from primarily dealers. Hopefully I'm just not looking in the right place so any help is appreciated.

Symphony II

Audi part Number
8P0 035 195 (A3)
8E0 035 195 (A4)
4B0 035 195 (A6)

2002-2005 A4, A6, S6, RS6, A8, S8, allroad
2005 S4

Double Din

-Built in 6CD Changer
-Cassette player with auto-reverse
-External CD changer
-Telephone Mute
-NAV Voice
-Sat Radio (optional)


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have u considered exchanging your Symphony II with either D-Navi (CD-based) or RNS-E (DVD based)? You will find plenty of units on e-bay (incl. my D-Navi which I had in my 2001 A6 Avant)

Expect to spend between $400 and $750 for a unit including the Antenna, and I can guarentee that you will be very happy with the swap.

Aftermarket units will not display information in your instrument cluster etc.

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