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A6 Headlights

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Hi All
I have A 2000 A6 Avant, I've had it a couple of months, and love it, -- except for the headlights.- they seem really poor.
At first I thought they were mis aligned, so went to my local MOT station, and checked - they were spot on. Next I tried some Phillips uprated bulbs, supposedly upto 50% more light, - they are brighter, but still don't seem to let me see any further ahead. It has these 'dome' shaped things for the dipped beam, and they look a bit cloudy don't really know what they should look like.
Just wondering if anyone else had had this problem, & knew how to remedy it.
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Originally posted by bhb399mm@Jan 15 2005, 02:44 AM
... do you have the xenon headlights or the normal ones?
I have this problem too on my A6 from 1996 - got dimmer and dimmer over the years. Finally took a look this weekend (after getting a new A6 - yes, we have 2) and it seems to me that both the domed covers on the dipped beams are almost black. I guess a clean will solve it but not sure how to get to the "domes". If I find out I'll post.
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