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Hey guys, new to this forum
i have recently purchased a 1997 audi a6 2.4
its the same as a 1998 as it is the facelift model....

put 20" chrome rims on it and TV/DVD and GPS

now i have been searching for months now to find a body kit (front/skirts/rear bumper)
but have had no luck... it seems audi in Newzealand (where im from) cant even and never could get them in the first place..
all that is available is a worthless boot spolier

can anybodty help me out? ive tried lltek and oettinger websites etc? who knows who has full kit ???


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hi you are not on your own, i have had my a6 for 5 years and still can not locate a nice kit for this car i have tried all the sites you mention and many more with no luck. all i can i wish you luck m8
and if you do ever locate anything mybe you can pass me a link or something
good luck
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