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This concerns a 2006 A6 Avant 4F 3.2 FSI, potentially other variants.
I'm posting this for the benefit of others.

I have the VCDS software, please take account of that when reading

For a very long time I had this recurring problem with the ABS controller, which would sometimes manifest itself as a fault with the Steering Angle Sensor.

Things got worse when the ignition wouldn't come on, just a couple of things lit up, but otherwise it's dead.
We found out how to reset this via VCDS.
  • Put your foot on the brake
  • Put the hazard lights on
  • Flash the headlights
This would make the 'Clear all DTC's' button available, Clear the DTC's and the ignition comes back to life. Maybe you need to rescan as well, but that is basically it.

The problem got worse and worse, we keep an old Laptop in the car so that the VCDS can be connected to get the car started. Once started all is well, until the next time it fails at start up.

From my searches it appeared that the only solution was to get a new steering column, fitted by an Audi dealer, very expensive.

In the meantime, there was a 'clunk' when taking off from rest. This eventually led to the discovery of a very 'broken' engine mount.
Went online as usual to find parts and discovered that the engine mounts are wired! Really!
The fact they are wired turned out to be really important.

Purchased two new mounts and the so called 'Snub Nosed Mount', a PU bush that is relatively very cheap.
A YouTube video I watched asserted that this PU bush isn't that important. WRONG! That bush limits the amount of movement in the engine mounts, on my car it was completely gone leading to the demise of the drivers side mount.

The fact that the mounts are wired made me wonder if in some way they contribute to the Steering Angle Sensor problem, plausible.

The answer to that question is a resounding YES. Replacing the engine mounts fixed the Steering Angle Sensor problem.

I will also post another solution to a major fault involving ABS/Gearbox/Parking Brake/Throttle Position Sensor.
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