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A6 Allroad Transmission Problem

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Hi, Im working on an A6 ALLroad automatic transmission - EYJ. I have a problem - I got the fault code P0741, and I took out all the fluid with the torque converter and just about 1 gallon of oil came out, do you the problem is solenoid or if its just low in the oil? If its the solenoid problem which one/location do I have to replace?

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I just came up with the same codes in a 2002 A6 2.7t. Wondering if you had any insite on what needs to be replaced. Any help would be great.

1. DTC: 17125
P-Code: P0741
Description: Torque Converter Clutch Circ Performance or Stuck Off

2. DTC: 17086
P-Code: P0702
Description: Transm.Contr.System Electrical
Error Code P0741 = Low Fluid

I've been thru this several times. Adding fluid has always solved this. One note: filling the tranny per the manual tends to leave it low, so add plenty. You can check for low fluid by resetting check engine light, carefully speed up, then take a hard corner. If the oil is low, the light will come on again in the corner. Hope this helps...
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