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Hello all,

just wanted to post and give you some advise re these problems,

i had the very same problem, but mine seamed to get worse and worse, until the car stared to smoke on tickover,

there turned out to be 3 problems that can cause this type of fault,

1 the number 3 injector has a sensor to read the neadle position, this was showing a fault on my car, this was changed and made things better but not as good as it should be,

2 now this could have been the killer, took the car to the local audi dealer, and after they had finised looking down there nose at me they agreed to have a look at the car, 3 days later i got a call to say that they had forund the problem, and that the turbo was on its last legs, £1200 plus fitting and oil change,

after getting up off the floor, i agreed to collect the car as i could not afford to have the work done, after chating with one of my mates we decided to have a look at the car our selfs. after looking at the car for about 20 mins we found that there was a blocked breather, its located in the top of the block under the fule pump pipes, its like a filter, ordered a new one from audi at a cost of £35, and now its a different car more power faster take off and more mpg,
Audi have said that this is not a service part and there for would not be checked of changed on a normal service,

3 there is a small pipe running up to the turbo that can get blocked and this causes a loss of power at about 3000 rpm

well hope this helps some one out there,


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