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Whilst performing an Engine Oil Change on our 2002 2.0 A6 with Multitronic CVT Gearbox, we accidently removed the plug for the Gearbox Oil (only a pint of oil drained out in total - which seems like not a lot, is this because the gearbox is in compartments and we have only drained the bottom one?).

I am after some guidance on replacing the Gearbox Oil that came out (which had only been fully replaced by Audi 6 months ago).

I have found what looks like the Fill point halfway up the gear box on the passengers side (RHD car), however it requires a 10mm Allen Key, and the minimal information I can find on the web stated that a 17mm Allen Key is required. Which makes me question whether this is the correct Cap. In addition I can find no really helpful informtion on the procedure to put the oil in.

Any advice gratefully received.
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