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I’m new here and really need your help. I recently got my hands on a very cheap A5 3.0 Quattro 2007 that has been hit in the front and fitted with an unknown replica bumper. It had no plastic bits plain bumper. As I will proceed to restore this car I’d like to complete the full bumper without the need of buying a new one. After trail and error I found out that the S Line model vents fit the bumper but getting the same model lower defuser I found out that it does not fit. If any of you know which one will fit I’d be very glad.
I have a lot of work ahead of this car including fixing the hood, wrapping the roof and replacing a lamp so I’d like to keep the extra costs minimal.

Also I’d like to hear your opinions about small parts from AliExpress such as the trunk wing or a bumper defuser. The price compared to EBay is not that much cheaper which leads me to believe these parts could be legit
And lastly if anyone could confirm if the posted defuser would fit my bumper.

Thanks for your answers in advance!
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