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I've just ordered an A5 S-line special edition and it should arrive early Jan. I currently own a Q7 and had so many problems with it, I don't like it any more.
I wanted to cheer myself up and after Audi gave me the s-line as a courtesy car, I just had to have one!

I currently have a baby that will be 2 Christmas time and it bothered me slightly that I'm going from such a huge sensible car to a 2 door....My hubby drives a Disco 3 (sorry I'm mentioning it here!) so we'll still have one sensible car when the A5 arrives next year.

This week I found out that I'm pregnant again!!!!! I'm really in the poo now and am sure people will make comments on how selfish I am with a small car and 2 kids??

Anyone own an A5 with children - or owned an A5 with children as I'd love to hear how you cope/ed. When I had the courtesy car for 3 days I managed ok with the little one as he thought it was fab getting in and out on his own.
As usual my hubby isn't bothered and is looking forward to "having to use it" instead of the Disco lol
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