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A4 Shudder

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Hi my secret buddies.

I can't seem to stop a shudder on the steering wheel. Balancing and alignment does not seem to eliminate the problem and the dealer can't find anything wrong with it either. i have gotten more info from this forum than any dealer can ever suck out of his/her thumbs. So all, what do you suggest. the suspension is really stiff and I mean stiff. the damn thing won't stop it's shudder. Iv'e had all the rims check and they all ok, shocks and ball joints are also great.

by the way, if a acredited dealer can't help, perhaps we should all open our own dealerships. you certainly get more for your questions. So please take a crack @ mine. i would love a smooth ride.

Wicked out :)
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have your dealer check the folowing things:

-tie-rod ball joints
-suspension ball joints
-loose suspension anchor points
-control arm bushings
-strut bearings

if no problems there - i have no idea ;)
I had this on my first audi - an 80 tdi, dealer ripped off my boss for 6 months before a new delaer replaced two rubber bushed for around £30! Solved it
Have them check the wheel bearing. I had a similar problem on my 2000 Passat, dealer said that bearing was ok 3 times, but finally replaced and everything was back to normal.

Hope that helps.
thanks!!! you dudes are the best - my problem is a thing of the past! Great stuff - thanks a million ->
Originally posted by sholt@Dec 4 2004, 08:29 AM
thanks!!! you dudes are the best - my problem is a thing of the past! Great stuff - thanks a million ->
So how did you fix the problem
The suspension had some play on it - basically need new bolts as - the bolts were stressed already - i would never have known this if it was not for this forum - Merely took advise on what to check from my secret buds - don't tell anyone

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