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Hi everyone, Im new here and have some questions that you, as audi owner, can hopefully answer for me.

Im in the process of retrofiting my vehicle (98 chrysler cirrus) with the elegantly sexy 2001-2004 A4 headlights. i havent purchased anything yet because i dont know what i need to be looking for. I want to upgrade from halogen to HID and i have heard there are 2 types fr this- Xenon and Bi-Xenon. With this said here comes the sesame street questions.

1.) What is need to fit and use the HID a4 casing? (i.e. hardware, screws stuff like that.)

2.) What type of Bulbs Do they use?

3.) Would i need the End of an A4 fender to finish the fitment?

4.) If anyone can help me find some of these parts can you send me links, addresses, phone numbers, anything?

thanks for all the help. again, i know im new and most forums i have joined kinda shun new members for jumping out into traffic like this

::cough:: cough::
Stratusphere :blink: i still hang there though

::cough:: cough::

anyway not trying to hate just vent.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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