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A4 Engine Surging Intermittently

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Hello all,

Recently (last Oct) bought a 98 A4 1.8T. Have been enjoying the great ride and smoothness however recently it hasn't been that smooth.

The problem is intermittent and I've been trying to find what starts it off but to no avail (doesn't seem to be heat, vibration, drving style, etc).

The car will start fine, run fine and then all of a sudden for no reason start to act as described below.

A bit rough when idling
When taking off from start the car surges, kind of power on/off type thing. Once you get past about 2000 rpm it goes ok.
Hangs in 3rd gear longer than it should (auto tiptronic model), doesn't seem to want to change.
When cruising with low revs (1500 to 2500) you get surging.

Solution is to stop car and turn off. Start up again and all is fine. It seems that it can happen at any time whether car is cold or hot and doesn't always happen. Wondering if it is fuel flow related or just the ECU going strange. Car is stock with no mods (yet!).

Car has done 97000 km (timing belt was changed at 76k) and is just about due for next service.

Would be interested in any ideas what could be causing this before I start talking to mechanics (anyone recommend a good Audi mechanic in Perth, Australia?).

Also, is there a list anywhere to decipher the option codes in the booklet?

Thanks for any advice.


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VAG your car, see if it throws a code. Tranny ECU might be off.

dose it pull nice around 3-6rpms?

hows the turbo doing?

Will be taking it in to a mechanic who can check the codes.

Car goes fine when revs go over about 2500, just surges when below that.

I guess the transmission could be cause as when it starts to do this there seems to be an odd clunk from the transmission, not sure why that would casue it to surge though?

Turbo seems fine (more power would be nice tho :).


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