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A4 cabriolet 2006 top stuck will not open or close even with manual key

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Hey All. I'm really needing help I bought a 2006 Audi A4 Cabriolet convertible 1.8T last week when I got it the guy said the top had 2 be opened manually he said the buttons to open it haven't worked while he's had it that he was unsure why. He showed me how to open it with the manual key from the fuse box panel and the 1st few times I opened and closed it with no problem the 3rd time the key seemed to not wanna release the locks and when I went to put the top down the key wouldn't work at all. After a long struggle I finally got the top closed with a warning on the dash that says soft top not secure. The next day I was gonna open the top the key uocked the top from the windshield lock but when I got in the back seat to pop the storage up and lower the top down I can't get the key to turn at all. The roof storage will not open. Does anyone know what's goin on and how I can fix this issue? As it is I can't even drive my car cuz the top will not open or close and this is my only vehicle.
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