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Hello, I have an Audi A4 B7 TDI 170HP of 2007. BRD engine.

When I turn on the car, there's a whining sound coming from the throttle body.
After checking on the net, I have tried disconnecting the battery for some hours thinking it would reset the throttle body adjusment but nothing.
I think it's linked to the MAF sensor. When I disconnect the MAF sensor plug, the sounds stop but the engine light and diesel heater light get ON on the dashboard..
I tried cleaning the MAF sensor with a contact cleaner but didn't change anything. Air filter and housing is cleaned.
Do you have any idea what can be the cause ? how i can test MAF sensor. Don't have a voltmeter at the time being.

Also, i have checked a video on youtube, it says if the MAF sensor is working correctly, the engine should go off when you remove the MAF sensor plug. Is that a good test ?
Mine doesn't go off when i remove the MAF sensor plug..
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