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Hi Forum,

I would like to fit my Nokia CK-1W system into my Audi A4 Cab. 2004 model. The car has been prepared for telephony from factory - so obviously I would very much like to use the built in speakers and microphone :)

Inside the middle console between the seats in the front there is a holder - probably for original Audi phone adapters - however just under that, there is a small plug for connecting the adapter to the car system (including an antenna connector). I figured I would be able to connect my kit to that (and avoid taking out the Symphony system (not Bose)) - but I haven't been able to find the right plug and wires for that...

I was hoping that someone might have a description of the layout of this plug ? I might be able to create something myself - if I can't buy something that will fit the carkit to it..... I know that atleast the german company Cullmann can supply kits utilizing this connector, so the plug should contain all the connections required....

Many thanks in advance..
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