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Hi All,

looking for some advice here please.
My company car as above has just had the clutch replcaed after appx 6500 miles due to clutch failure. Audi UK say its 'driving style' i.e. keeping my foot on the pedal. The fleet company want to pass all the cost to me ! Nice of them.

I am adamant i do not drive with my foot on the clutch pedal, and didn't with my previous 2 company cars either!

Is there any other way the clutch could burn out after 6 months / 6500 miles ??
Anybody seen/heard of this before?
All i keep getting is anecdotes from the fleet company about how many times they have seen it since non-asbestos clutches came in.


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sounds like its a faulty one... even if you hammer it and the car all day long i would expect it to last 10k.... unless you sit on hills holding it one the clutch..... so far i have got 105k out of my clutch.... and i drive it hard sometimes....

Get onto audi and inist its at fault. Demand you are not paying for this... it will be £600 from Audi approx,

Does it not drive at all now??
is it slipping all the time??
have you heard any any noises or anything??
did it just got from perfect to gone all of a sudden??
You always will notice it getting higher and higherand softer if its from general wear and tear.... but 6500K it cant be wear and tear.

Where abouts are you from?? UK??


ps... i have moved your post into the B7 forum where you should get a more viewings..
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