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Hi.... I recently bought an A4 1.8T B6 (Jan 2003) done 95K Kms.

Two days before when I was driving the engine started shivering and the whole body started shaking. Pulled over to the side and when the RPM goes down the shivering reduces. Drove it back home (7Kms) monitoring any warning in the console. Nothing came up and when checked the engine opening the hood, found fresh oil splashes on the inside of the engine hood and the rear walls - there is a hissing sound(though not so loud) as well from the engine. Now that its Christmas and New Year holidays, I got to wait until 2nd week of January to get it repaired. I used the check from the instrument console but all came as OK and no warning or errors displayed - this is quite surprised me since most people who got a similar issue had engine warning as some severe issue.

It would be great if anyone knows what could be the possible problem is. (I can still start the engine and possibly drive but I read from many places in the forum it would be foolish to do so). Some say it could be timing belt (which I too think is a good possibility as I dont see the previous owner ever changed it) but what I am surprised about is the oil splashes.

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