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A3 Sunglasses Holder

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Have just recently purchased a !.8T Quattro Sport 3dr and i am enquiring as to whether the sunglasses holder off the MK4 Golf will fit my A3 replacing the drivers grab handle. I have been told only minor mods to hole centres in the holder is all thats required. Has anyone had experience in fitting this holder?
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There's one from (IIRC) the Bora that fits with NO MODS required. I don't have the part number, but have a gray one on the driver's side of my TQ. If I find the numbers, I'll post them up
Just found out the Passat holder will fit as hole centres are the same at 170mm, Golf mk4 centres 145mm. Had rang VAG Parts and they quote the Golf mk4 suitable so i questioned them on hole centres and they replied that if my hole centres are 170mm, Passat will fit. They say they have not come across this before.
Update, just received sunglasses holder off E-Bay it is an original VAG part off the Passat with 170mm hole centres and fits perfectly to my A3 3dr 2001 (colour is a lighter shade of grey than my headlining, cant grumble) Beware off people selling Golf mk4 holder as they are 145mm centres.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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