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A3 has a faulty volume control

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I've got an A3 , it has a faulty volume control. When i try and adjust the vol ,it either goes mega loud or silent. when you turn it off then on again it resets to an adequate level. It become very difficult to control these volumes.

Anyone know how to fix it without having to replace????
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Hi I have the same on a 1998 A3 I found this on a website in relation to the microprocessor number not sure if the number is correct but someone was looking to buy one for the same problem.
"Hi I'm trying to buy a new micro to fix the audi concert volume control problem. It is fitted with a MC68HC05, but I can't find these on sale. What other chip can you use and do you have to use a new one? from website
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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