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A3 has a faulty volume control

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I've got an A3 , it has a faulty volume control. When i try and adjust the vol ,it either goes mega loud or silent. when you turn it off then on again it resets to an adequate level. It become very difficult to control these volumes.

Anyone know how to fix it without having to replace????
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My 1997 A6 Quattro with the Concert head unit is doing exactly the same thing. I only bought the car last week to replace my superb BMW 7 series. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come with the Audi. Hopefully someone can Identify a company who can fix this annoying problem. Most Eeproms are push/pull fits so can be easily removed and refitted but finding someone to program it initially may be a bit of a problem and I really don't want to shell out for a new head unit as the sound quality when it works is superb.
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