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I'm having a weird problem with my phone.
When I first paired the phone (first generation Droid) with my Audi, everything worked fine. The phone book showed up in the same order it does in my phone (alphabetized by first name) and I could auto dial from the car controls.
At some point (months ago - I've just been living with it) two things changed. The phone book now shows alphabetized by last name, and I can't dial from the car controls - it will start, but return a verbal "Unable to dial number" error. So I have to dial from the phone, though the conversation is still held through the car blue-tooth (speakers and mic).

Has anyone encountered this?
Got a fix?
I can't even find how to "unpair" the phone from the car to try re-pairing them (and see if that will "repair" the problem :) ).

It's not a huge problem, but it is an inconvenience, and I'm sure there's a fix. I'd love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!
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