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Hi i am from france ... just purchased a3 got it a bit cheap 5000? ..... it has trubo problem (oil leak) so putting in a new trubo ... it has 190k km on clock ..... can any one suggest me what all i need to change and what i have to look out for in future ...... brakes, triers , airfilter, oilfilter almost new the belt and c.converter seems ok ... i would like to put new headlights and tail lights which one shall i get ..... led or xenon .... on a budget so please suggest me a good site where i can get the proper matching cheaper head & tail lights.... also like to mod a bit but cheap one only any ideas .... here are some photos.... also thinking of getting flat bottom steering wheel with multifunction .... but is that possible as of now i dont have multifunction ... if possible how ? And what all parts do i need & part number .... and want to install middle armrest i searched found many don't know which one is originally for audi .... and can someone explain me what all this numbers are in image 5th point
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