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Okay, so I always decided I wanted to buy an Audi as my first car because my dream is to own an Audi R8 and I have this crazy idea that I'm not going to own a single car that's not an Audi.

I'd like a sedan that's not too old, definitely not a high-performance car. My mom strictly told me I have to work for 20% of the car's cost, and that the total cannot exceed $20,000.

I was thinking about an A3, but I was also looking at an MS908P or maybe a Q5, even though its an SUV.

My dad owns a 2012 Audi S4, and offered it to me because he doesn't like it and would like to buy a muscle car, but I figured I'd crash and kill myself the first day I drove it so I declined.

Please help me out.

And I swear to God, Robert M., if you spout a ton of technical crap at me with your capital letters and start bragging about how much experience you have, I'll go find every single one of your posts and thumbs down all of them.

Reader, if you think I shouldn't get an Audi as my first car, let me know.

Thanks for any advice.
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