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I got a 2001Audi A2 SE and have asked on several forums. The STEALER will rip you off. Of that I can assure you. Have a private shop do it for one if you can get one from a junk yard. Otherwise I think the unit is about $500 plus labor. If you can find a tangible way of doing this for under $500 - let me know pal. Otherwise as a web site about cars said if you buy the beast - slaughter it and make hamburgers. When their done buy a steer instead of a dairy cow next time. All the best. Keep cool.

Originally posted by Dawn@Aug 7 2004, 06:02 AM
I bought a used 2002 Audi A2 sport without A/C. I want to insatll A/C
in it.
Can anybody suggest me how to do it as the dealer is quoting a very high
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