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Hi, new to the board here. Currently my 1999 Audi A4 is out of commission. It is sitting in the shop due to engine problems. Want to know if others have had this problem. I absolutely love my A4 so would like to get it running again. I bought it used and apparently the previous owner did little routine maintenance.

Original problem was black smoke out the exhaust. Turns out oil was leaking into the muffler. The turbo is damaged and there is a knocking sound. I had the lifters replaced. Knocking went away for several days and than it returned.

Once again, we took the engine apart and the new lifters were damaged again. A new engine is too expensive and I cannot locate a used affordable engine. So my option is to fix the engine and replace the turbo.

Someone advised me to take the crank shaft to a machine shop. I am not familiar with this. Seeing what others might advise on this Audi board or anyone know of any good machine shops in Georgia (Metro Atlanta or surrounding counties). =( need to get my Audi back on the road. Thanks in advance everyone.

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