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My car is a year younger than this one and you'd be amazed the number of niggles that have developed in the past year. One of the headlights has a loose connection on a bulb - can't be replaced, needs a whole new headlight. The back wiper doesn't work, the pump has also gone, the front suspension arms have all failed and cost me a fortune. Not to mention the exhaust valve, boost solenoid and mass air meter (although mine is a diesel) which cost even more. The reader coils on the imobiliser that occasionally play up and won't read the key, the lock on the boot which won't lock all the doors also the catch on the boot needs replacing. The fact that at that age the air bags will need replacing, the air conditioning will need an expensive service and that 110,000 miles is a long way for a petrol engine. My diesel has done 200,000 and really is not playing ball anymore. I would have expected a lot more from a diesel and especially from Audi. I don't know what prices Audis usually are in the US but over here that would be the equivalent of £4000 - it wouldn't be worth more than £2500.

Sorry for putting a downer on it - I hope there are Audi owners out there who can say that it might be a good car and could last you the next 5 years but I'm not one of them!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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