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I have a 1995 90 Quattro 12V that has a sole purpose in life of Rallycross It has competed in 4 Races now with a record of DNF DNF 3rd/5th 10th (I have 2-3 Drivers)

-Race 1 was a Snow event and it was raced the weekend I bought the car. It is a major project car and had some issues the main one at this event was bald snow tires. We were racing in a blinding snow storm

-Race 2 was going well although it didn't start well I had the positive battery terminal fall apart before the event started but it was an easy fix. On my second to last run I noticed the brakes were acting funny and I had a hard petal and the brakes were sticking a bit. I entered a hard right and I lost all brakes and the pedal was rock hard. My ABS Module locked up. I was able to free three of the pistons to allow me to drive home as well as unplugged the module. I got home and Deleted the ABS with some brake tees and such.

-Race 3 Things went very well the only issue was my muffler fell off but that did not slow me down but as I was leaving my lower ball joint came unscrewed but I was able to nurse it home. I deleted the muffler(I still had a resonator up to that point)

-Race 4 I lost my Resonator on the cars first run and I unseated a bead on the tire but after the race I discovered an oil leak which appears to be a head gasket so time for a new top end seal kit.

That is the story of my Audi and there will be more to come as my next race is June 18th its a night race so we shall see
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