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Hey all, newb here

Just picked up a perfect condition 93 quattro with the 2.8L V6, 5speed and every option for $200 (it had a blown head gasket)

Anyway I just replaced it, and now having weird problems.

When I finished it was sounding shitty, letting out a lil blue smoke and having bad throttle response (probably not driven in a while). So I dumped a pint of "sea foam" engine cleaner down the brake booster vacuum line. I waited for it to stop smoking (sea foam causes EXTREME smoke).

This cleared up the sound, now feels and sounds pretty good.

However, when I took it for a drive, it ran, felt, and looked great until the engine got to normal operating temp, at which point it started blowing a shitload of white smoke with a slight bluish tinge. It did smoke a little at idle but A LOT at 3k rpm.

Why is this happening? I really want this thing on the road, it's so nice inside and out...

Could it be steam from an improperly installed head gasket? or is this to do with the sea foam?

It runs and drives really well until it gets to normal operating temp, which makes me think its not the headgasket.

I'm really annoyed with this... there's not much holding me back from trying to install a bmw 7-series v12 drivetrain...

Thanks in advance,
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