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they say the 93 audi 90CS runs like a 16.9... in the 1/4 mile i find that very hard to belive :huh:
i think that i can pull a high 14 with my 94 audi 90s
the other day i raced a beat up 3000gt vr4 @ a stop he let me take the jump and... the out come i beat a vr4 3000gt by a car and a half before traffic stopped us i was in 3rd gear about..... 95mph and thats a 13 sec car, im saying it was low 14 sec car cuz the body was little shabbed up but sitll a vr4 how can i manage to keep up with only 173hp 185 tq and 4 doors? .........thats why i think i have more ive had a 92 maxima 190 hp 190 tq and i would burn it so bad in this audi...

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