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Hi there, have just purchased a 2009 Audi S3 Sportback and have a question relating to the DRLs.

I want the DRLs on all the time at max brightness, however they only come on when I put the sidelights on or turn on the headlights. If I select AUTO they stay off until its dark and then come on with the headlights. Maybe the previous owner had them disabled?? From what I have read and researched it would appear they usually stay on all the time.

On my recently sold 2013 Polo GTI there were instructions in the manual about activating the DRLs so they were on all the time. I'm hoping theres a simple fix for these too. I don't have the manual for my new S3 :-(


Just spoke to the dealer they said with facelift Japanese cars many have the DRLs but are only set to come on with the headlights lights and park lights. Apparently even with coding they generally cant get them on all the time. Does anyone know anything more about this? Thanks
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