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Hi I recently got an 87.5 coupe gt "special build" I put exhaust on the car catless single muffler and now I am attempting to adjust the fuel to air ratio, I have adjusted it counter clockwise and clockwise and few times and sometimes its better or worse but its seems to change depending on the temperature outside.

Im hoping someone has some experience with this, its the 2.3l 5cyl 10.5:1 comp with cis injection. It has new plugs, wires and distributor cap.

Other current problems that may be relevant. it burns a lot of oil and leaks or burns small amounts of coolant. I currently do not know what is causing the burning oil or coolant loss.

the car starts and idles fine but seems to "overheat" before it even reaches the Normal temperature on the gauge and loses a lot of HP

I love this car and would love to get it running in tip top shape

any ideas or even personal experiences would be greatly appreciated, thank you! :)
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