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Hello All,

I've had a 80 TDI for 3 yrs and has given me 60k (total 182k) with no problems, serviced on time, etc. In the last several weeks the idle has started to hunt, which is causing driveability problems. Basically most gears (maninly 2 & 3) around 1800-2200 rpm cause very noticeable shuddering. It's totally pi55ing me off.

I've had a search on the forums and I've found a few mentions of "Timing Solenoid" - where is it? Worse case is new pump, but anyone have any ideas?

I've also noticed it is dragging air in thru the fuel filter - the line from it has air bubbles and the return (assuming it is - the slightly thinner one) is slightly frothy. I've checked all the fittings\etc and nothing seems to be amiss. Even the tank and fuel lines from it are ok. Filter is on tight.

The fluids\temp\etc are all fine.

I've had it plugged into and it show no errors\fault codes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If it needs a new pump - cost, where (apart from getting my pants pulled down at VAG)?


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