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:D :D Click Here to Check out My Webpage Displaying the Rims and Tires! :blink: :blink: :)

These wheels are currently on Auction on eBay at:

CONDITION: The rims have about 8K miles on them TOPS and are in MINT condition. No scratches or "curb hits" - god forbid! :eek:

The tires have about 8k miles on them as well. They still have the nubs on them. Check out the pics on the website and you'll see they have all the tread left.

Long and short - Hit a bad trench with my original wheels. Ins paid to straighten but in the end I still was not satisfied so they bought new wheels and tires. When it came time to return my car at end of lease I returned it with the original tires and rims that had been straightened (to many people's idea of perfection - but not mine). The rims I am offering are the ones that Ins bought a year from the end of my lease. Plus I have a separate set of snows so these did not get used for half the year.

Please take a look on eBay and Bid if you are interested. They are truely in MINT condition and look great!

[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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